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What is a Master IEP Coach®?

A Master IEP Coach® is a professional with a passion to support special needs families, teachers and providers collaborate through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails and knowing what questions need to be asked to allow open communication.

Who Needs a Master IEP Coach®?

Special Needs Families, Teachers and Providers:

  • Who desire to be an equal member of their child’s IEP team.
  • Who desire to be prepared for their IEP Meeting with advocacy letters, requests and IEP Reviews.
  • Who desire to make a positive difference within their families, schools and communities.
  • Who desire to be collaborative, creative and open minded in their services.
  • Who desire to learn collaborative techniques to create positive change within the Special Education System.

IMPORTANT: Jessica Ann Kong is not a lawyer. I will not be giving legal advice and not responsible for final advocacy decisions. I do not coach or consult anyone on how to file state complaints or file due process. 

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