Free Phone Consultation

Special Needs Parents, Navigating the IEP process and the school system can be tough!

Let’s schedule 20 minutes together so you can share your top 3 concerns with me. I’ll share with you the next steps you can take for your child and we’ll see if we’re a perfect fit to build your child’s IEP together!

The Exceptional Education Tribe

This inclusive tribe will be starting in Fall 2020!

The Exceptional Education Tribe is a Facebook Community and Membership Course that allows parents, teachers and providers of children with special needs to mingle and collaborate in an inclusive tribe! You will have access to a library of courses-updated monthly, special events and so much more!

IEP Consulting for Parents

Maybe you’re prepping for an IEP meeting or you just have a gut feeling that you might be missing something in your child’s IEP. When you send me your child’s IEP and we review it together, you’re going to feel a sigh of relief that you are no longer alone and your voice is being heard. It’s time to change your child’s special education experience! 

IEP Coffee Talks & Workshops

I’ve been traveling and working with special needs parents, teachers and providers in several different states. Need an onsite or online IEP training for your group or school?  Want a special event for you and your Special Needs Tribe?

Do you need someone who understands the struggle to speak to your support group?

Let’s talk!

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