IEP Consulting

I help Special Needs Parents, Teachers and Providers, who struggle with IEP questions regarding goals, collaboration, team building and so much more to achieve success in their children’s special education experience by teaching collaborative advocation techniques.

IEP Review

Send me a copy of your child’s IEP with all important data. I will analyze PLOPs, Baseline Data, Accommodations/ Modifications and so much more. My report with suggestions will be sent to you within two weeks of receiving all the information I need to complete an appropriate assessment of your child’s IEP.

The IEP Review also includes:

1. A 20 minute Phone Consultation

2. A Parent Input Statement

IEP Consulting & Coaching

I will walk you through writing advocacy letters, collaboration techniques and so much more to help you feel confident in your abilities as an equal member of the IEP Team.

Email me at jessica@jessicaannkong.com OR CALL (850) 333-5495 to create a Consulting Bundle tailored to meet your unique needs. 

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