Special Needs Parents, Teachers and Providers:

Distance Learning is a new teaching method we have all been thrown into during the school closures. The methodology varies from state-to-state, district-to-district and even school-to-school. Although we were not ready to make such a drastic transition, there are some good things that will come out of this. Special Education is having even more obstacles to hurdle to meet the unique needs of each child with an IEP or 504.

Watch this video to find out:

  • How to setup a Non-traditional School Day.
  • Things you can do to be proactive to help your child’s special education.
  • Why collaboration, communication and flexibility matter more now than ever.

After you watch the video, email me your questions at jessica@jessicaannkong.com

Next Steps:

  1. Grab your IEP Binder Checklist and start gathering the documents you need to be ready when school is back in session.
  2. Sign up for your Free Consultation to create a game plan. Once school starts back its going to be a little crazy so get a plan in place for a smooth transition.

This unprecedented event does not have to end badly for our students with special needs. Let’s be proactive and ready to collaborate as this situation unfolds.

Upward and onward,

Jessica Ann Kong

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