Special Needs Parents, Teachers and Providers:

It’s important that during this time that we are aware of what is happening so we are on the lookout for changes in the Special Education System. The COVID pandemic has thrown all of us into uncharted waters. We will start to experience the ripple effect of those changes throughout the Special Needs Community in the upcoming weeks and months.

Below are three changes that you need to be ready to hear about and embrace:

1. VIRTUAL IEPS: Change is scary. However, change is incredibly exciting! Virtual IEPs offer flexibility for everyone on the IEP team. Members are able to participate from multiple locations. This service will also assist the special education system from becoming overwhelmed once the upcoming school year begins.

2. TELE-HEALTH: Tele-Health will allow some therapies to be available when face-to-face contact is limited. Communication, collaboration and participating in parent trainings prior to starting tele-health is vital. Family members will be more involved in their children’s therapy and allow for generalization of new skills when implemented correctly.

3. IEP ADDENDUMS: This change will probably be the most difficult to embrace. Check your mail over coming weeks because districts might want to document a plan for distance learning within the IEP. This is not a bad idea but it’s not a perfect idea either. More paperwork, more data and more communication will be needed to make these addendums be beneficial to our children.

Next Steps:


1. Get your IEP Binder Checklist. You can make sure you have all the paperwork you need to be prepared for your child’s Special Education journey.

2. Document what is working and what is not working for your child during this time of distance learning. If you have questions on data collection, check out this video or setup a free consultation to discuss your specific concerns.

3. As always, email me your questions at jessica@jessicaannkong.com

Upward and onward,

Jessica Ann Kong

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