The workforce overlooks individuals with disabilities often. My heart is hurt by this fact more than words can describe. I am witnessing the difficult path my youngest son is walking due to his own disabilities. But, do not worry, there are companies out there created and thriving working only with individuals with disabilities.

Here are three businesses that were created to support individuals with disabilities. I am touched by their unique stories and passion. And maybe one day my son or your child will create their own business too. Please feel free to add other businesses that have been created to support individuals with disabilities in the comments.


1. Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project

This company is awesome! Jordyn’s Summer Shirt Project creates beautiful shirts and more that share the inspiring logo: “Be Kind to Everyone” across the front. According to the webpage, “Jordyn has autism. The shirt project was created with the purpose of teaching her job skills.  She rolls every shirt, adds a wristband and signs a thank you card.”

I love teaching skills that assist with employment and independent living because they are so important.


2. John’s Crazy Socks

Who doesn’t love colorful, fun socks? The vision on the website is, “John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son social enterprise inspired by John Lee Cronin, a young man with Down syndrome, and his love of colorful and fun socks, or what he calls his “crazy socks.” We’re on a mission to spread happiness.“”

Happiness, love and support are definitely the emotions that are portrayed through their company.


3. Breaking Beans Coffee

Everyone loves coffee. I know I do! But I love the vision for Breaking Beans Coffee even more! The website states, “My name is Tammy Lamb and I have created a micro-enterprise business to create a unique and rewarding opportunity for my son and his friends who struggle with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There is a great need for life enriching programs/jobs for adults with disabilities in our community; which is why Breaking Beans Coffee is more than just another coffee vendor.”

Order some coffee today and support this beautiful family’s purpose.


I would love to know more!

Share your favorite companies that inspire the special needs community! Direct message pictures while you use their products. The community for special needs is built with people that have big hearts. Let’s continue to support each other and embrace inclusion.

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