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Data is Protection

Being a Special Needs Parent means you are the King or Queen of organization. Chances are you juggle work, your special needs child’s appointments, chores and so much more. You have the best knowledge of your family and child’s needs. All this knowledge is important and helps you in being the successful Special Needs parent you are. Do you know

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Using Visual Aids at Home

Special Needs Parents: Accommodations and modifications to your child’s learning environment are crucial and unique for your child to be successful at school with an IEP. Something to consider is utilizing those same techniques within your home. Does your child constantly forget their things at home? Do you have to repeat instructions over and over and over? Do you have

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Special Needs Moms

Dear Special Needs Moms, Let me wipe away the tears as I remind each of you about how absolutely amazing you truly are! Onward and upward with love, Jessica Ann Kong I have two beautiful boys that I am blessed to have call me mommy. One is a dark-haired, blue-eyed sweetheart that loves his family and is quite the overachiever.

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Confessions of an Anti-Cell Phone Parent

*Stands up* Hello my name is Jessica Ann Kong and I am an anti-technology parent. I have been petrified to see the past few generations of children and adults become electronic zombies that seem to miss out on so much of the world. Especially if it isn’t being seen through the assortment of screens that are so prominent in this

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Teacher Appreciation Week Special Education Stylem

An important aspect of Special Education is inclusion. Allowing your child to participate in activities with other children without disabilities and other children with different disabilities so they can be prepared for further education, employment and independent living. Teacher Appreciation Week can become an entire week of extra inclusion experiences.

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The Best IEP Secret Weapon

Special Needs Parents are often compared to Super Heroes and I love it! We ARE Super Heroes! We accomplish amazing things for our beautiful children and change their world for the better… just like Super Heroes do. The best Heroes often have crazy awesome abilities or tools that assist them in their battles. Take Captain America and Wonder Woman for

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