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Using Visual Aids at Home

Special Needs Parents:

Accommodations and modifications to your child’s learning environment are crucial and unique for your child to be successful at school with an IEP. Something to consider is utilizing those same techniques within your home.

  • Does your child constantly forget their things at home?
  • Do you have to repeat instructions over and over and over?
  • Do you have to supervise 100% of the time to guarantee your child stays on task?
  • Is your child unorganized?
  • Does your child forget things easily?
  • The list goes on and on….These executive functioning skill problems are very common in the world of Special Needs. It is also a scientific fact that more boys struggle with executive functioning skills than girls.
  • In my home we have PEC systems and similar visual aids everywhere! In my son’s bedroom, bathroom, near his coat and back pack station and even attached to his lunch box and back pack! The uses of visual aids are endless. Visual Aids help your child become more independent and accountable. Incorporating them into their day allows them to have something else to remind and motivate them during the day.

    Most children with these problematic behaviors use visual aids during their school day. Reward charts, behavior charts, schedules, and so much more. I highly encourage you to open the lines of communication with your teachers and IEP team and learn what works for your child at school and transition those same techniques into your home. Consistency is key for progress.

    I believe this is a valuable tip to consider with Winter Break knocking at our doors. Don’t let the opportunity be lost to transition while there is a break from school. I would love to hear how visual aids help with the transition back to school in January as well!

    Be on the look out. I will be going LIVE to share my visual aids and how they are displayed and easily accessible in our home.

    Onward and upwards,

    Jessica Ann Kong

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