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Teacher Appreciation Week Special Education Stylem

5 Ways to Show Special Education Teacher Appreciation

The end of the school year is quickly approaching! Normally around this year the school district will have a “Teacher Appreciation Week” and may have special events for the school or exclusively for the teachers and administration. It is my personal opinion that this week is important and necessary for all families to participate, especially Special Needs families.

Let’s be honest. Special Education takes incredible teachers with patience and understanding to navigate the unique needs of our precious children. It can be stressful and it takes multiple teachers and administrators to guarantee our children are receiving the assistance they need. This group or amazing people work together to create your IEP team that you work closely with throughout the school year.

Now I am NOT saying that anyone is obligated to do anything that you feel is too demanding for your budget, time or energy. However, participating in this week is also beneficial for your children to witness. An important aspect of Special Education is inclusion. Allowing your child to participate in activities with other children without disabilities and other children with different disabilities so they can be prepared for further education, employment and independent living. Teacher Appreciation Week can become an entire week of extra inclusion experiences.

In the Real World it is common and acceptable to give gifts to show your appreciation. A great learning experience would be to allow your children to help create homemade gifts or cards and bringing everyone to help volunteer at the school Teacher Appreciation Events. Allow your children to witness the joy of showing someone your appreciation. Allow them to feel the warmth of happiness that comes with making someone smile. These are social activities that are important to learn.

As Special Needs families we are creative. We have to be to be able to figure out therapy schedules, accommodating routines, savvy money savers, juggling masters to wear the different “hats” we wear (mom, worker, advocate and so much more). Let those creative thoughts flow. Showing your appreciation can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. Pinterest offers an amazing assortment of ideas for this particular week. You can check out my Pinterest Board: For the Teacher if you need help with some ideas.

I have also created a quick reference for anyone that may need a few ideas to reference below on 5 Ways to Show Special Education Teacher Appreciation.

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