Online Help for Special Needs Parents

Dear Special Needs Parents!

I am offering services that will help bridge the communication gaps between your child’s unique needs and the vision of the IEP team. Thanks to technology, I am able to help you where ever you may need assistance during your journey through the IEP world. I have dealt with the IEP system for the past five years in three different states, Florida, Colorado and Alaska. The life we envision for our children can be much different than the life the school system is prepping our children to live. I am here to help you advocate and have your child’s voice be heard.

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Onward and upward with love,

Jessica Ann Kong

Support and Inspiration

I will be sharing tips, personal stories and inspiration to special needs parents through my blog and social media accounts. I truly believe it takes a village to raise a family and with the Special Needs community we have an awe-inspiring village. I would know because I utilize this village often since I am also a Special Needs Mom and Sibling!

Special Events

I will be hosting Coffee Talks at local coffee places that you are welcome to come speak with me and learn more about the IEP process. Right now I will be traveling to Wasilla, Palmer, Eagle River and Anchorage. I will be able to answer questions regarding IEP’s and offer some resources and schedule services. Please feel free to bring a copy of your child’s IEP to the Coffee Talk. Check out my Events on my Facebook page or Eventbrite for the latest dates, times and locations of my Coffee Talks.

I am always in the search of a cute and comfy coffee house. If you know of one, please contact me so I can host one in your favorite coffee place!

I am brainstorming some inclusion activities and support groups but I am in need of data! What types of events would you like to see for you and your Special Needs Family? Email me with your suggestions.

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